I may have a slightly different take on this, so I’m interested to see responses

I may have a slightly different take on this, so I’m interested to see responses

I’m fascinated to see how Google will regard the site, since it does seem like a flagrant content-stuffing for ad clicks model not much different from many sites Google has already tanked in the rankings.

It looks like it’s OK to post links, so I’ll link to the blog post inspired by Carol’s article. Hope that’s OK!

It really isn’t, Patti – making an exception here because the Guardian folks felt so put-upon. An exception that has ended.

You’re also free to use our CommentLuv tool if you link to a post you wrote on a site of yours.

It seems I need to get out more

Oh, sorry! I thought I read in one of the comments that it was OK to post a link as long as you wrote it. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I was unaware of this little kerfuffle concerning the Liberty Voice, until the issue was brought up in an editor’s meeting. For the record, I am a professional marketing copywriter; graduate of the Drayton Bird school of writing in the style of first person persuasion.

A lot of my work has other people’s names on it, because using your own name when ghost blogging for business rather defeats the purpose. There are also a dozen website building companies who contract me to write and edit web pages for them. Again, my name is nowhere to be seen. Consequently, I cannot point to a vast stack of work with my by line, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. My Klout score is a steady 60, which indicates just my social media reach.

My point here, is that I am intimately aware of the hosing a writer can take, if they are not careful about who they do business with. Also, I am in this for the income, not the notoriety. My minimum charge for a sales letter is $, because those letters generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the people who buy them. I myself never get additional monies when the letter does what it is designed to do. I’ve already been paid.

I am even afforded the opportunity to recruit my own team of writers and profit from their work, as well

What the Liberty Voice has done, is turn that idea of “paid once and done” and turned it on its ear. If I write something of lasting value, which still gets read months and months from now, I am still going to get my percentage of the advertising revenues, months and months from now.

Interestingly enough, I wrote a piece for the Blog side of the Liberty Voice on Feb. 4, completely unaware that it would have baring on this issue. I’m linking it in, because I believe it will help speak for the people who run our news site.

OK, I get that now Guardian has asked all its affiliates to come here and link to posts that have their affiliate links for people to join Guardian.

Fascinating that your post about your great lessons from Guardian ALSO, once again, does not say what you’re earning. Why the mystery, Guardian writers? Help your community out and share what they pay!

I write between 30 and 40 articles a month. On top of that, I am an editor and trainer. The link that came up under Tracy Rose was a story I had posted as an editor, not one I had written.

Got ya – I only do allow links to posts you wrote, and your own site, not the home page of Guardian.


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