A love story between an incapacitated scientist and his wife?

A love story between an incapacitated scientist and his wife?

We’re all used to seeing photos and footage of Cambridge Prof. Stephen Hawking seated in his wheelchair using a speech-generating device to talk for him. We’re also used to hearing him called the world’s smartest man thanks to his work on gravitational singularity theorems. But you’re probably less familiar with his life story.

« The Theory of Everything » charts Hawking’s life from his days as a student – where he met his first wife Jane – to his rise to international renown as a theoretical physicist. But a major part of this is Hawking’s health as he succumbs to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, rendering him immobile. Through thick and thin, Jane did what she could to support him.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones both perform their roles flawlessly. The movie makes clear that there has always been a human side to this hero of geeks and nerds. It’s a great movie, and Redmayne deserved his Oscar win.

I like to think that if Prof. Hawking debated a willfully ignorant person, Hawking would have to say only one sentence before the moron’s head would fall off in confusion.

If anybody is worried that this film will be bogged down with complicated science needn’t be concerned as it is far more about Stephen Hawking’s relationship with his wife Jane and how they deal with his condition

Upon the first glance, you might think this would be a terrible film. Sounds boring, or at the very least overly sentimental. But it ends up being neither.

Red) he won the Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Oscar. He ought to win it. Hawking himself has said that Redmayne had an uncanny impersonation going on, and he is right. Whether or not this story is strictly true does not matter. this is the sort of performance that makes a film worth watching.

Even this doesn’t dissuade him from his research, it does however start to put a strain on his relationship with Jane as he becomes close to his nurse Elaine and Jane gets closer to Jonathan, a man she met at church

This biopic tells the story of Professor Stephen Hawking from the time when he starts his dbridge till the publication of his book ‘A Brief History of Time’. We see him fall in love with Jane Wilde and start to develop some interesting theories before being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. He is told that he will probably live another two years at most but rather than giving up he throws himself into his research into time and the nature of black holes. The two years soon pass but he shows no signs of dying; in fact he is working as hard as ever on his research and starts a family with Jane, who is now his wife. Things get harder still when he has a tracheotomy and loses his ability to speak.

Eddie Redmayne is outstanding in the role of Stephen Hawking as he depicts him going from an apparently healthy young man to a man confined to a wheelchair who can no longer speak; it isn’t just a case of sitting in the chair he captures the mannerisms and posture of the real Professor Hawking it is no surprise that he picked up an Oscar for his work. Given his outstanding performance it would be easy to overlook Felicity Jones’ performance as Jane; she may be playing an ‘ordinary’ person but her performance is far from ordinary. The rest of the cast are also impressive. Overall I found this to be a moving story that was definitely worth watching.


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